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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone


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As an experienced hormone therapy practitioner, and a fully trained medical doctor, Dr. Mikhail Berman understands the factors that make up excellent health. A good diet, exercise, reducing and managing stress and living a life full of vibrant, positive relationships become even more important as you age.

It is common for men to suffer from weight gain, insomnia, irritability, and muscle loss because of Low T. A decrease in physical or sexual activity can be a normal side effect of aging, even in your forties. However, there are other conditions that can trigger extremely low t, and Dr. Berman’s expertise is in determining what the causes are and treating them.

No man should accept that a lack of concentration, low self-confidence, a decline in muscle mass, hair loss, swelling in the breast area, sensations of feeling flushed or a low sex drive has to become a way of life.

You may be one of those men who is not inclined to seek medical advice, but if you are suffering from the conditions of Low Testosterone it’s risky not to. Living at a fast pace or experiencing stress and can deplete your energy, compromise your immune system, but it is also common to see depleted levels of Testosterone.

Our bodies can lose up to 60% of a normal function before symptoms present themselves. It’s important to treat a Low T condition before symptoms get the best of us.

The Science of Hormones

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Meet Dr. Berman

Dr. Mikhail Berman is a fully trained medical doctor that has studied the human body, its systems and how to heal them, for over 30 years. He has made it his life’s work to understand the full range of treatment options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and approaches that can combat declining health. He is passionate about helping patients win the fight against stress, disease and the negative effects of aging. For some patients, that means Low Testosterone treatments to restore their energy, optimism and physical virility and strength.

Dr. Berman understands that stress and the process of aging work together to strip us of the natural compounds and processes intended to keep us energetic and healthy. For anyone whose level of “free” Testosterone is too low, male hormone replacement therapy might be the answer. Thanks to Dr. Berman and his years of experience, men of all ages are living fuller, more vibrant lives.


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Low Testosterone Therapy

Low Testosterone therapy is a safe an effective treatment option for anyone suffering from the effects of Low T. Once again, you can feel optimistic and confident, experience the return of strength and muscle mass, and discover a renewed desire for sex. If you are one of the millions of men with a Low Testosterone, this hormone replacement therapy clinic will help you become your best self again.

As a hormone replacement specialist, Dr. Berman is seeing more and more male patients whose vitality and quality of life are being negatively affected by low levels of Testosterone. This is a common condition that too often goes undiagnosed. It is so common in fact, that new research indicates that one out of every four men over the age of 30 has less than optimal Testosterone levels.

The symptoms of this condition include gaining weight, difficulty sleeping, mood changes, low motivation and always feeling tired.

Dr. Berman’s Low Testosterone treatment has helped hundreds of men like you feel reinvigorated. This simple treatment involves the injection of small amounts of a bioidentical hormone, like those you already have in your system. Patients find that it restores the vibrancy that was diminishing with age.

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Patient Reviews


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Dr. Berman works with you to develop a plan that will help you live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and live a long, vibrant life, for the rest of your life. Dr. Berman provides sensible guidance and treatment options to combat illness and drastically improve your quality of life, especially if you are suffering from the effects of Low Testosterone. He’ll help you win the fight against stress, disease and the negative effects of aging, especially when hormone deficiencies are at fault.

See Dr. Mikhail Berman for a consultation today by calling (888) 804-1632 for an appointment. It’s time to become your best self.

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