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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

Low Testosterone Treatment for Fatigue - Low T Treatments - Dr. Mikhail Berman
Low Testosterone Treatment for Fatigue – Dr. Mikhail Berman

Can Low Testosterone Cause Fatigue in Men?

While a lack of sleep is one cause of fatigue for men, it can be caused by many other factors as well. A respected low testosterone specialist, Dr. Mikhail Berman, has seen cases where fatigue has nothing to do with the amount of sleep the patient gets.

Fatigue is more than feeling tired, it is a medical condition with serious medical consequences. One health manual describes fatigue as “a lack of energy and a strong sense of needing to rest. An inability to participate in a sustained activity.”

Short periods of fatigue are normal. Physical exertion, temporary stress or sleep deprivation can lead to fatigue. However, if fatigue lasts for long stretches, or occurs even after you get enough sleep, it’s time to get your hormone levels checked, especially Low T levels. This is because low testosterone causes serious fatigue.

Yes. Here’s Why.

A significant drop in testosterone influences bodily functions, including the regulation of your sex drive, the storage of fat in the body, and emotional depression. These are factors that, when present, decrease our motivation to be physically active, which is fatigue.

We all know the importance of physical activity as it relates to health. When we are physically active we stay at a healthy weight, we’re in a better mood and we’re more inclined to have sex. All benefits to tackling the fatigue problem. However, you must first discover if there is a lack of hormones in your body that are causing the fatigue. A consultation with Dr. Mikhail Berman is a great place to start.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Medical Examination for Fatigue from Low Testosterone Levels
Medical Examination for Fatigue from Low Testosterone Levels

Why is it Important to the Male Body?

It is easy to blame ourselves when we feel fatigued. The very definition of being a man includes being strong, and physically capable. Or, others assume that we are making a decision to be lazy when that’s not the case. Please understand that your energy level and motivation to be active is not always a matter of your will. It may be a hormone imbalance.

Low levels of testosterone can mean less new cell growth in your muscles. This reduces muscle mass which makes them weaker. Of course, this also inhibits your ability to participate in physical activities. If we’re not active, the muscles deteriorate even further. This is just one aspect of fatigue in men that hormone replacement therapy can address.

Also, testosterone works with the brain to regulate our moods. When we have too little T, it puts our emotional regulatory system out of whack. This can trigger vague feelings of sadness, a lack of motivation or fatigue in men. You might begin to say no to activities you once enjoyed, like golf, tennis, walking, or sex. With testosterone therapy, many patients recover their ability to be active, physically fit and enjoy their favorite pastimes.

Low levels of testosterone can lead to a system that has low energy overall. Testosterone replacement therapy is a safe and effective method for restoring your energy levels and dealing chronic feelings of fatigue. However, it should be supervised by a licensed and trained medical doctor like Dr. Berman.

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How Does Testosterone Therapy with Dr. Berman Treat Fatigue?

If the onset of fatigue seems sudden and without an obvious cause, it should be checked by a trusted physician. If a generally clean bill of health is given and you continue to experience fatigue, a hormone imbalance may be the culprit and more extensive tests should be done.

The return to an active lifestyle and feeling more motivated is one of the primary benefits patients report with hormone replacement therapy. Another is the return of lean muscle mass. Muscle cell regeneration, which slows considerably when there is less testosterone, begins to speed up again, allowing men to experience a return of the muscle strength they once had.

Another side benefit of increased muscle mass is the rise in metabolism, which supports weight loss efforts. A higher metabolism provides the body with more energy, eliminating your problems with fatigue.

The ability to desire and participate in healthy sex is also a way to combat fatigue. When the body successfully goes through the entire experience of having sex, from arousal and erections to orgasm and ejaculation, certain hormones are triggered which produce relaxation and ultimately better, more restful sleep. This helps the body recover and be ready for an energy-filled tomorrow. What a great way to fight off fatigue!

Testosterone therapy also works as antidotes to fatigue, because it works in the brain to stimulate the areas of the brain that control feelings of positivity, optimism, and motivation.

Fatigue and Low Testosterone Consultation - Dr. Mikhail Berman
Fatigue and Low Testosterone Consultation – Dr. Mikhail Berman

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As more research on how testosterone therapy fights fatigue in men is published, we’re sure to see even more evidence of the effectiveness of Low T treatments. Dr. Mikhail Berman has anecdotal evidence going back decades, case studies of men who have regained their quality of life thanks to the simple addition of testosterone therapy to their health routine.

Of course, as with any therapy or treatment, low testosterone treatments must take place under the careful supervision of a licensed medical doctor who is also a hormone replacement specialist. Dr. Berman’s methods, developed over many years and after extensive training at respected institutions, are guaranteed safe and effective. His preferred treatment is testosterone injections in optimal doses that are determined only after looking extensively at your hormone health profile. He will review with you your life habits (eating, sleeping, the frequency of sex, and your weight and overall emotional state) and prescribe the smallest dose required to put your system in the normal range.

A consultation with Dr. Berman is private and extensive. He will provide you with the best medical care and effective treatment options. Many of his patients have complained that fatigue in men was impacting their quality of life. With only small doses of testosterone therapy, they recovered their enthusiasm and energy.

If you suffer from fatigue in men, now is a great time to get your hormone levels checked. Call Dr. Berman at (888) 804-1632, and find out how safe, small hormone injections can help you live your best life, at any age.

Low testosterone can also cause irritability and moodiness in men. Read more here.

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