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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

hormone replacement therapy for men medical exam
Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men Palm Beach Gardens FL

What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men?

Testosterone therapy is emerging as a treatment option for men suffering from serious complications related to low testosterone levels. This is not a quick pick me up for someone experiencing slight low T, but a male hormone replacement therapy supervised by a licensed medical doctor, Dr. Mikhail Berman.

Many men experience some depletion in T levels as they age, with no symptoms. However, we would also caution that many men with Low T levels and no symptoms, might benefit testosterone replacement therapy as a way to offset serious health conditions that could cause a rapid decline in their health. There is no risk in having a physician, who is also a hormone replacement specialist, do a complete hormone health profile. Dr. Berman is exactly that, a testosterone specialist who believes in personalized and private medical care.

Testosterone is the predominant male hormone that drives many important functions in the body. From metabolism to orgasms, hormones dictate if that happens normally, or not. A comprehensive check of hormone levels and gland function should be a part of your overall health routine, especially if you are over the age of forty.

Hormone imbalances, especially low testosterone, can seem like you are living in an endless cycle. It is common to feel fatigue, physically weak, out of breath, and experience emotions that seem out of control in a way that is abnormal for you. In many cases, a small amount testosterone replacement therapy is all that is needed to get you feeling like yourself again.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Hormone Replacement Therapy Injection for Men with Dr. Mikhail BErman
Hormone Replacement Therapy Injection for Men Palm Beach Gardens FL

How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men Work?

Every hormone and steroid compound in your body is designed for a specific function in a very complex system. It takes a doctor who knows this system inside and out to give you an accurate picture of how all of your systems are working and to assess what you might need.

The first step in any medical treatment is to conduct a full-on physical. Heart, liver, digestion, the levels of protein in your urine–any good medical doctor, including Dr. Berman, will do blood work and conduct many tests to assess your overall health. However, Dr. Berman goes an extra step, arranging for an in-depth analysis of your hormone levels and gland functioning.

As a hormone therapy specialist, he will consult with you regarding your hormone balance and how your endocrine system is functioning. Together, you can determine if a low testosterone treatment would help you feel stronger, more energetic and able to participate in the physical activities you love, including sex.

This treatment option is emerging as a viable way to block some of the more troublesome conditions of aging, but it pays to do your research. Too many hormone replacement clinics or testosterone centers are not operated by medically trained doctors. Online supplements can include ineffective gels, supplements or patches that are hard to control. This superficial “spray and pray,” solution is dangerous and might trigger terrible side effects.

Low T therapy carefully prescribed and monitored by a physician is the way to go. Many men have regained the energy, motivation, and strength thanks to this treatment option.

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Why Choose Hormone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Berman?

Dr. Berman is a hormone specialist trained to prescribe testosterone injections that deliver the smallest and safest amount needed to help you feel much improved. No more, no less. He insists on doing an individualized health assessment for every patient to understand why your hormone levels look the way they do. He will also discuss with you your eating habits, sleeping patterns, types of exercise, your sexual function and sexual health.

Dr. Berman’s philosophy is customized patient care, all the way down to appointments scheduled so that your complete privacy and comfort is guaranteed. Every patient is important.

If together, you and the doctor decide that hormone replacement therapy would bring you relief, he will determine a precise dosage and train you how to deliver small injections at home. This ensures that you will receive the exact amount needed, which is important. This keeps your hormones beautifully balanced. You won’t believe the change in how you feel.

Dr. Berman insists on regular check-ins so that he can track your levels and health. He will ask that you visit regularly to assess your red blood cell count and other important health factors, like your blood pressure.

While testosterone levels are far from being an exact science, Dr. Berman is an expert at studying hormone profiles and knowing the exact amount that will lead to the restoration of your energy, sex drive, strength, and optimism. He offers individualized care that is professional and private.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultation for Men Palm Beach Gardens FL
Hormone Replacement Therapy Consultation for Men Palm Beach Gardens FL

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Patients of Dr. Berman who are receiving testosterone replacement treatment report feeling stronger, more energetic, and more motivated and optimistic about living a long, healthy and full life.

Those receiving testosterone therapy are seeing their sex drive return and experience fewer episodes of erectile dysfunction. Their muscles grow stronger and they go back to participating in the physical activities they enjoy. One added benefit? Many of them are losing weight!

While Dr. Berman trains patients to administer their injections in the privacy of their own homes, monitoring is important. He will see you in his office regularly to check on your heart function, red blood cell count, hormone levels and other important good health indicators. He may also ask about any issues with sleep apnea or tremors- signs your body may require a smaller dose. He will also want to hear about the results, your return to feeling great.

Dr. Berman has seen an incredible recovery in patients, in just a few weeks. His patients have experienced improvements they once thought impossible. They are exercising, lifting weights, eating less, losing weight, and they have returned to enjoying a happy, healthy sex life.

Join the ranks of men who have refused let Low T levels the steal their energy, joy or good health. Call (888) 804-1632 and make that appointment today.

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