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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

Hormone Therapy for Men with Dr. Berman in Palm Beach Gardens FL
Hormone Therapy for Men Palm Beach Gardens FL

What Is Hormone Therapy for Men?

Just last March, a study was published stating that one out of every 4 men has low testosterone. This research also showed that only one in 20 of these men show clinical signs of the condition. Despite the fact that testosterone therapy for men from a licensed medical doctor could help these men avoid all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms and possibly serious illness, they may never know to seek treatment.

These symptoms include, but are not limited to, weight gain, gynecomastia, diabetes, osteoporosis, erectile and sexual dysfunction, insomnia and mental health issues, like depression. Low testosterone treatment is emerging as a promising way to restore not just hormone levels, but also men’s physical energy and stamina, sex drive, organ function, and overall health.

The Low T treatments from Dr. Mikhail Berman, a hormone replacement specialist, are gaining in popularity. Larger portions of the male population are reaching mid-life and experiencing uncomfortable symptoms in the process. If you are one of these men, you shouldn’t be afraid to seek treatment.

Male hormone replacement is an effective and safe way to restore hormone balance to your system, and start feeling better right away. Dr. Berman, a trained physician in West Palm Beach, who has made it his mission to curtail the terrible effects that hormone imbalances can have. His method of Low T therapy involves very precise testosterone injections that are highly controlled and part of an individualized approach to suit your exact needs.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Hormone Therapy Consultation for Men with Dr. Mikhail Berman in Palm Beach Gardens FL
Hormone Therapy Consultation for Men with Dr. Berman Palm Beach Gardens FL

How Does Hormone Therapy Work?

Men looking to live better, longer and feel stronger are seeking hormone replacement therapy. How did they know? The truth is, many of them didn’t. They simply knew that they were overly fatigued, feeling down, had no interest in sex, and couldn’t participate in physical activities they once took for granted, like running, golf, tennis, or even long walks.

Concerned, they visited a physician after physician and took test after test. They may have been told they were to blame. They weren’t eating right, they were letting stress get to them, they needed to make better decisions. And, while a healthy life does depend on healthy choices, at times there is more to it than that. Then, they found Dr. Berman.

Dr. Berman is a testosterone specialist, a physician trained to look for hormonal imbalances in men, especially as they age. A typical medical checkup may include blood work and some basic glandular function. However, your endocrine system is incredibly complex and influences almost every system and function in your body. From cell regeneration to organ function, hormones are the messengers that tell your body what to do. If the number of messengers becomes limited, certain functions may not happen as efficiently.

Your hormones regulate everything in your body. From blood flow and oxygen levels to moods and mental health, hormones play an important role. If certain hormones levels are too low, your systems and organs can’t run at peak efficiency and they start to bog down. If that is the case, no diet or decision you make is going to change it. Maybe it’s time to have your hormone levels and gland function checked more fully.

After gaining weight and losing sleep, feeling tired and losing hope, you need a doctor who understands that the issues you are suffering from are more complex than diet or exercise alone can fix. Real change can happen, but it may require testosterone replacement therapy with hormone replacement specialist Dr. Mikhail Berman.

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What are the Benefits of Hormone Therapy with Dr. Berman?

While many of us enjoy sitting on the couch, watching TV, doing nothing, nobody relishes the idea of living that way all day, every day. We aren’t made to just sit around and eat, gain weight, feel depressed and not sleep. However, for many men, this lifestyle ends up being the one they live, simply because they have a hormone imbalance that they don’t know about.

Why wait and wonder? Dr. Berman, a licensed medical doctor, will do an extensive full medical checkup and an in-depth, complete analysis of your hormone profile, including Testosterone levels, gland function, and overall hormone balance.

Our hormone system is a very complex, interactive network of secretions, and distribution and feedback loops. Hormones tell your organs and cells what to do, but they also tell the glands what to produce and how much. It takes a hormone specialist and medical doctor like Dr. Berman to properly analyze not only your hormone levels but also deep knowledge of how the body works. The decision to try hormone replacement is not one to take lightly, or without the supervision of an experienced physician. However, for some, HRT therapy, or a small amount of replacement testosterone can be life-changing.

Call Dr. Mikhail Berman today to arrange for your first healthy hormone profile test, and a consultation to discuss whether this treatment option is right for you. Dr. Berman has only your optimum health in mind and prescribes replacement only when you both decide it is right for you.

Hormone Therapy Appointment for Men with Dr. Mikhail Berman
Hormone Therapy Appointment for Men Palm Beach Gardens FL

Schedule Your First Hormone Therapy Consultation

Dr. Berman is a trusted physician and hormone specialist that believes in the effectiveness and safety of hormone replacements. If life with low testosterone is getting you down, it might be time to explore this option.

Changes that take place because of Low T levels are not always immediately apparent. Conditions can appear slowly, over time. However, if you wait too long, serious health challenges can occur. Even if you have only a few symptoms or a slight indication that your testosterone levels are off, it’s time to have your hormone profile done.

Low testosterone over time can lead to vascular or heart disease, osteoporosis, serious weight gain, depression and more. Millions of men are finding hormone replacement therapy restores their strength and vigor, but it can also help to offset these more serious conditions. Low doses of testosterone in carefully supervised amounts are now accepted as a healthy way to feel more like yourself again.

Dr. Berman uses testosterone injections, which you can learn to administer yourself. It’s quick and easy and gives precise control of the replacement amount. This means your treatment will be prescribed to meet your unique needs. Dr. Berman believes in personalized and private care, and ongoing tests to make sure you are always at optimum health and feeling good.

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