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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

Irritability Men - Low Testosterone Levels
Irritability Men – Low Testosterone Levels

Can Low T Levels Cause Irritability in Men?

When we are young, a lack of maturity may cause an inability to regulate our frustration, anger or irritability. As an adult, is there an excuse for being irritable? It would seem that if you have low testosterone, an amount below the normal range, the answer might be yes.

Anger is triggered a specific event, whereas irritability is caused by ongoing feelings of discontent, frustration or agitation. Irritability can be a first step toward extreme anger, so it is important to manage those feelings. Dr. Mikhail Berman is a respected low testosterone specialist who looks at how hormones affect our emotional life, including sustained periods of irritability.

What research has discovered is that men’s moods and temperament are heavily influenced by their hormonal system. Studies have shown that men with Low T are four times more likely to be diagnosed with clinical depression, along with other mood disturbances including irritability.

Stress is another cause of irritability. However, since the stress hormone cortisol reduces the level of testosterone, irritable feelings caused by stress should be checked for Low T levels anyway. Irritability is detrimental to our health and our relationships. No one should have to live with irritability, not you, your partner, family friends or your boss.

If irritability is causing tension in your life, it’s time for a consultation with a trusted physician and hormone specialist like Dr. Berman. He can help you determine the causes of chronic irritability and help you find relief.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Irritability Low T Consultation - Mikhail Berman M.D.
Irritability Low T Consultation – Mikhail Berman M.D.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Treatments with Dr. Berman?

If you are suffering from serious bouts of nervousness, irritability or mood swings, hormone replacement may be an effective treatment option, depending on your hormone profile and health history.

Low testosterone levels cause fatigue, one condition that can easily lead to irritability. Fatigue lowers our ability to resist challenging situations or face stress calmly. When low testosterone leads to fatigue, it usually also leads to irritability.

Low testosterone is an important hormone in the brain. Memory is a fragile mental process that can be easily derailed. As details slip away, and we find it harder to take in information and remember it. This can also cause us to grow irritated. Men who pride themselves on their mental acumen suddenly find that they are not as sharp. It’s frustrating, and feeling irritable is a natural response.

This is another reason practitioners may look to testosterone therapy as a possible treatment option for cognitive decline, which in turn might lower the incidents of irritability or mood swings.

And finally, feeling irritable is a natural response to hormone imbalances that stem from low levels of sexual activity, or an inability to get or keep an erection. We have long known that healthy sexual function reduces anxiety, depression, and irritability. Because low levels of testosterone are partly to blame for a lack of interest in, or ability to have sex, testosterone therapy is a promising treatment option, not only for sexual dysfunction but also for the irritability that results from going too long without healthy sexual activity.

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How Can Testosterone Therapy Treat Irritability in Men?

Testosterone therapy, which is sometimes referred to as the “fountain of youth,” isn’t some kind of magic potion. It’s really just bio-identical compound that your body is familiar with and used to producing. By injecting small careful amounts into your system, it restores your hormone balance. This, in turn, helps your organs go back to functioning at peak efficiency.

This is true of the hypothalamus, and nearby glands, all of which work to regulate your emotional responses. Hormone replacement therapy has restored many of the basic functions that men once had, but have lost, including the ability to stay calm, positive and confident.

While sex was designed so that our species would procreate, it is also designed to help our systems function efficiently. When you lose your drive to have sex, or if erectile dysfunction is keeping you from having sex, this can also cause deep feelings of irritability. Because testosterone therapy helps you regain your desire for sex and jump starts your libido, it can also solve the problem of feeling irritable.

So, rather than cause miraculous changes in your personality or physical prowess, testosterone replacement actually just helps elevate your moods, strength, virility, and energy to a slightly higher level. Men have described it as becoming just a better version of themselves, as they enjoy life more, feel stronger and stay physically active.

It is a safe and effective way to eliminate the negative effects of low testosterone that are ruining your quality of life.

Irritability Low Testosterone Consultation Dr. Mikhail Berman
Irritability Low Testosterone Consultation – Dr. Mikhail Berman

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As with any issue that is important to your health, an analysis of your hormones and how they are working together to keep your bodily functions regulated belongs in the hands of a professional medical doctor.

Dr. Mikhail Berman has been studying the endocrine system for years. He has developed a carefully controlled method of replacement therapy that can be specifically designed to fit each patient’s needs and lifestyle. Hormone replacement must be closely supervised by an experienced, licensed physician like Dr. Berman. This is the only way to guarantee that the dose levels are exact, and targeted to meet your needs with no side effects.

Testosterone is the most critical male hormone that affects men’s health. It drives your sexual desire and performance, organ function, bone strength, your moods and your ability to build muscle tissue. Do these sound like functions you would entrust to an online supplement?

Dr. Berman is a caring, concerned physician who has seen first hand the results that men have gotten from the smallest boosts of bio-identical testosterone. Rejuvenated, they have been able to celebrate going back to a life well lived, and have become pictures of health.

Dr. Berman is dedicated to working with his male patients to help them reach their optimum health and full potential, at any age. Call for a consultation today with this experienced hormone replacement expert by calling (888) 804-1632. Rest assured your experience will be professional, private and help you reach your overall health goals.

Read more here about the symptoms of low testosterone levels in men. This can contribute to a decreased interest in sex.

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