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The Science of Hormones. The Sign and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

Is Testosterone Therapy Safe?

As the founder of a testosterone therapy clinic in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, Dr. Mikhail Berman hears this question a lot: is testosterone replacement therapy safe? As a fully licensed medical doctor, Dr. Berman can realistically only answer this question after he has done a full physical examination, taken down a medical history and discussed lifestyle and personal habits with a patient at length. That said, here are some basic facts he encourages men to consider when thinking about whether testosterone replacement therapy is needed.

Men who inquire about testosterone replacement therapy are usually suffering from classic symptoms of low testosterone levels, symptoms that are often misdiagnosed.

Testosterone therapy replacement was designed to address issues such as extreme fatigue. Feelings of exhaustion, especially if they have lasted for several weeks or more, and there is no immediately identifiable cause, warrants trip to a doctor. In addition to fatigue, low testosterone can also cause weight gain, loss of muscle mass and strength, or cognitive issues, such as foggy thinking or mood swings. Testosterone also influences the male reproductive organs.

The male hormone system is complex, which is why there are differing opinions about hormone replacement. There are many compounds and organs working together to help everything function properly. Hormones help to regulate metabolism, brain function, digestion, the male reproductive organs and more. If any one part of the system slows or stops functioning, it affects the entire system. For men, testosterone plays a critically important and vital role. When it becomes depleted, the whole system is affected.

While the scientific community has learned a great deal about this complicated system, research will be ongoing, probably for many years to come. The real question is whether there has been enough research to make a definitive judgement about replacement therapies and the answer to that is yes. However, men should proceed with caution.

Complicating the issue is the reality that researchers can’t definitively agree on what the “normal range” is. What is considered normal for individual, might not be for another. A man’s physical body type, personal habits, height and weight can all factor into differences in t levels. It is certainly possible to have an extremely low level of testosterone and not exhibit symptoms. Conversely, a person may have a level that is at the low end of normal and be suffering terribly.

“I’m 64 years old and I’ve been on this program for several months now and I have to say this is a miracle. I used to wake up in the morning and not want to get out of bed; I used to go to work and have unproductive days due to feeling tired and not energized. I feel energized, I’m able to work fully focused, and I don’t have problems with my wife — personally or sexually. I became a more active man and I think my wife really likes that now. I’m 64 years old and I plan on being on this program for the rest of my life.”

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That’s why it is so important to measure and watch men’s testosterone levels, with test results being analyzed by a medical professional who is also a hormone specialist. They will have done their homework and understand that even in a man’s 30’s or 40’s can have testosterone levels causing issues. Research is showing that declines in testosterone are happening at earlier and earlier ages, especially in the last decade. The idea of testosterone replacement to address these issues is becoming more prevalent and more accepted.

A physician who has studied the male hormone system for over two decades, Dr. Berman has perfected what he believes is the safest, most effective testosterone therapy treatment. He came to the conclusion long ago that testosterone injections are the best way to tailor doses of replacement therapy with precision, based on each patient’s unique profile.

The Best Type of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy Program Palm Beach Gardens – Testosterone Injections – Palm Beach Gardens FL

Of all the testosterone therapy types, like supplements, patches or testosterone therapy shots, Dr. Berman has seen the better results and fewer side effects with the injection method. In most cases there are no side effects at all. Administering the therapy in very small doses means the process is a slow and careful one. Bringing testosterone levels back to normal, over the course of many months, is more advantageous than quick fix methods with higher doses. Higher amounts of hormone, or administering replacement via supplements or patch, is harder to control and has a higher degree of risk. No hormone treatment should be implemented without the advice of a medical doctor.

As with any condition that is not life threatening, there is a risk versus benefit analysis that should be weighed when considering treatment options. However, hundreds of men report experiencing a better quality of life, improved health, and a greater sense of well being than they did when their testosterone levels were low. Hormone replacement simply meant a return to feeling like themselves again. It’s that simple.

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At his testosterone therapy clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, Dr. Berman advises patients every day regarding the safety and effectiveness of hormone replacement therapy, so calling (888) 804-1632 for a consultation with him is encouraged.

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