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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

a common symptom of low t is a decreases interest in sex
Low Sex Drive in Men – Low Testosterone Treatment

Can Low Testosterone Levels Cause Low Sex Drive in Men?

There are many causes of low sex drive in men. Aside from being one of the most pleasurable activities in life, sex is also an essential factor in promoting good health. Hormones play a huge role, influencing everything from your desire for sex, to your ability to participate in and enjoy the process fully. Hormones during adolescence are the driving force behind the development of your reproductive system and organs.

For men, testosterone is highest as we go through puberty. After the age of thirty, it starts to decline. As a respected low testosterone specialist, Dr. Mikhail Berman has helped many men fight off the effects of the early onset of low T.

Most of us are familiar with the side effects of having higher levels of hormones in pre-pubescent and teenage boys and girls. However, too many of us are unaware of the critical importance of sex hormones once we emerge out of our young adult years. Sex hormones are useful to a number of bodily functions outside of sex, and can even trigger important activity on a cellular level.

Low testosterone in men, in particular, is little understood outside of the endocrine research community. As the studies continue to emerge, this hormone, in particular, deserves to be recognized as one of the most important hormones for health, including the role it plays in enjoying a healthy sex life, which means a healthier life in general. Enjoyment aside, a healthy sex life leads to better sleep, lower blood pressure, and a more balanced system of hormones.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

patient getting medial exam for issues related to testosterone levels and a decreased sex drive
Medical Exam Low Sex Drive – Testosterone Therapy

What is the Connection Between Testosterone and  Low Sex Drive in Men?

Since testosterone is the main driver behind men’s libido and supports the ability of their sex organs to function perfectly, a lower level of testosterone must be considered as a factor if you suffer from erectile dysfunction or an extremely low sex drive. Not having a good sex life, or at the very least consistent sexual activity can have negative implications for your overall health.

For one thing, major studies have found that men who have sex at least twice a week are at lower risk for heart disease or cardiovascular issues. Men who do not participate in a sexual activity once a month or less have a 50% greater risk of experiencing cardiovascular disease.

If your testosterone levels are too low, you also may be more at risk of becoming overweight. Orgasms only burn about two or three calories, so sadly, they can’t be considered an effective workout regimen. However, depending on your weight, metabolism and the length of your sexual activity from start to finish, you could burn as much as 150 calories. Not bad!

Finally, the effects of a healthy sex life include better, more restful sleep, more efficient processing of stress hormones, and in some cases, may reduce your chances of getting prostate cancer.

If low testosterone levels are lowering your desire to have sex, or causing erectile dysfunction, the ramifications go beyond missing out on a pleasurable activity. It can, in fact, have a seriously negative effect on your health.

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How Does Testosterone Therapy Treat Low Sex Drive in Men?

Now that we have established the importance of sexual activity for bodily health, the next step is to analyze the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy for anyone who may be experiencing erectile dysfunction or a low sex drive and how that affects your health.

If erectile dysfunction or a lack of interest in sex is short and rare, there is probably no cause for concern, especially if you are over 45. However, is this has become an ongoing issue, it bears looking at.

While Low T isn’t a direct culprit of erectile dysfunction, it does contribute to the problem. Erectile dysfunction is caused to a limited blood flow to the penis. This can be caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or hardening of the arteries. Guess what causes those conditions? Low testosterone.

Depression, anxiety or stress can also cause men to lose interest in sex, which is a big part of sexual dysfunction. Their emotional responses are also thought to be linked by…you guessed it…low testosterone.

While it is possible for a man to have low levels of testosterone and still have healthy, functioning erections, there may come a time when they will have problems. That’s why many physicians prescribe low amounts of bio-identical testosterone if a man’s levels are below normal, regardless of their sex drive.

Hormone replacement therapy should only be taken after a consultation with a medical doctor, the only way to safely approach this treatment. Dr. Berman has helped hundreds of patients recover quickly, with no side effects.

Low Sex Drive Consultation with Dr. Mikhail Berman
Low Sex Drive Consultation with Dr. Mikhail Berman

Schedule a Testosterone Treatment Consultation

Consultations with Dr. Berman are always private and extensive. His goal is to provide you with a full range of medical services, including hormone replacement if your hormones are tested and found to be out of balance. His philosophy includes giving you, the patient, the utmost in medical care with the maximum amount of privacy.

While a low sex drive may not seem like a serious concern, especially later on in life, a healthy sex drive and ability to function sexually can contribute to a more youthful outlook. A healthy sex life also leads to better sleep, more balanced moods, and more physical strength. These are all factors that have been listed as contributing to good health, especially as you age.

While there is no direct correlation made as yet between testosterone levels and erections, low testosterone does inhibit one’s desire for sex. Considering the interplay between hormones and gland function we can assume that one’s desire for sex ultimately contributes to your ability to have, and keep, erections.

If you are suffering from a lack of interest in sex, have Dr. Berman do a complete hormone health profile. Also, if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, he may have a solution that will work for you. There is simply no reason, at any age, to completely lose interest in sex, or be unable to enjoy it.

Call Dr. Berman today for a hormone consultation at (888) 804-1632 and enjoy your return to a vibrant, exciting sex life and all the benefits of achieving hormonal balance.

Besides experiencing a decrease in sexual interest, it is also common for men with low testosterone levels to experience muscle loss. Read more about muscle loss in men and low testosterone levels here.

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