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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

Low Testosterone Therapy Consultation in Palm Beach Gardens FL with Dr, Berman
Low Testosterone Therapy Consultation Palm Beach Gardens FL

What Is Low Testosterone Therapy?

There are 97105 articles in regard to Testosterone that can be found on Medline. Compare this with only 8776 about Lipitor. Research is ongoing, as scientists look at the benefits low testosterone treatment offers long term, and possible side effects. In the meantime, this Low T therapy, achieved using small doses of testosterone injections, has been accepted as an easy, successful option for many men who suffer from symptoms of low testosterone.

The complex interaction between hormones, the glands that produce them, and the organs and systems they regulate makes this a very challenging system to study. And, because each person’s system is so different, it is hardly an exact science. That said, for men with low T, whose testosterone levels are outside of the range considered normal, or on the low end of normal, testosterone replacement therapy has proven to be an effective treatment option.

Like with any serious therapy, a decision about this treatment should only take place after consulting with a licensed medical doctor like Dr. Mikhail Berman, who is also a testosterone specialist. As a physician, he is knowledgeable about hormone balance and gland function.

There are differences of opinion regarding what kind of replacement treatment is best and Dr. Berman can inform you of all the choices that are out there. However, one thing is certain, testosterone replacement therapy should only be prescribed and monitored by an MD, and preferably one trained as a hormone replacement specialist, like Dr. Berman. If low testosterone has gotten you down, hormone replacement is worth discussing.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone Therapy Examination in the Office of Dr. BErman
Low Testosterone Therapy Examination Palm Beach Gardens FL

How Does Low Testosterone Therapy Work?

Several hormone replacement options have been developed to address the symptoms of low T. There are gels and topical treatments, supplements, organic remedies and testosterone injections. Because of their safety and effectiveness, Dr. Berman utilizes testosterone injections.

There are two reasons for this. First, the amount can be carefully controlled and administered more precisely so that 100% of the replacement reaches your system. Second, the dose can be the smallest amount needed to suit your individual, unique hormone system. No other method promises this kind of exact delivery.

Of course, as with all replacement methods, this should only take place under the supervision of a licensed physician. Medical doctors can conduct a thorough analysis of all of your hormone levels, gland functions, and other critical system checks. This is the only way to determine if replacement therapy is right for you. Dr. Berman is an integrative medicine practitioner, so he also guides patients into making lifestyle choices that can also raise testosterone levels naturally.

The general goal is to raise hormone levels to an optimal or “normal” agreed upon by respected, nationally known medical and scientific institutions. With testosterone, this is thought to be somewhere between 600 to 900 ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter) of testosterone in circulating blood.

The goal of testosterone therapy is not a radical change, but to help you become a slightly better version of yourself, someone with renewed energy, an increased sex drive, and a good metabolic system that keeps you at a healthy weight.

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What are the Benefits of Low Testosterone Therapy with Dr. Berman?

We want to explain the benefits of the care that Dr. Berman provides, as a licensed medical doctor that specializes in hormone replacement. We are making this personal to Dr. Berman and his patients. There should be no extreme changes in how you feel physically or emotionally.

The number one goal Dr. Berman has for his patients is that they wake up each morning with a sense of being “new and improved.” With this treatment, patients feel restored, full of energy, and motivated to go back to enjoying their work and their hobbies. Exercise, time with friends and loved ones, and of course, great sex with their partners lead to a completely new lease on life.

The endocrine system in humans is extremely complex and must be finely tuned to operate with any efficiency. In addition, it can be difficult to separate symptoms caused by low testosterone and those that appear as a natural by-product of aging, although the two usually go hand-in-hand.

It requires a medical doctor like Dr. Berman, with the wisdom and experience needed to treat conditions holistically, while also using the laws of endocrinology and replacement treatments

The symptoms of low testosterone are too numerous to mention and present themselves differently in each case. However, men experiencing extreme fatigue, weight problems, depression, a decreased interest in sex, or hair loss should have levels checked right away.

If Low T is the culprit in your case, you can easily develop a treatment plan, working collaboratively with Dr. Berman to incorporate hormone replacement with lifestyle changes. He has seen an incredible recovery for his patients in just a few weeks. This is a simple effective treatment that can quickly improve your quality of life.

Low Testosterone Therapy Appointment in Palm Beach Gardens FL fir Dr. Mikhail Berman MD
Low Testosterone Therapy Appointment Palm Beach Gardens FL

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While It is important that you do extensive research regarding hormone replacement treatment options, you should also discuss your findings at length with a medical practitioner like Dr. Berman. He will guide you carefully through the decision making process.

Because different labs use different standards of measurement for hormones, it can be confusing if you don’t work with a trusted lab. Having a doctor who works with a lab he or she trusts to run the right tests is also important. Working on your own using online supplements or gels is not recommended as the safest treatment option.

It is good to explore natural methods alongside medical science. Dr. Berman is a holistic doctor who guides patients into eating more nutritious foods, exercising and following general health guidelines. However, he also understands that certain conditions require medical treatment. If he believes that replacement therapy will bring you relief from troublesome symptoms, he will certainly recommend it.

Dr. Berman is trained to spot and treat hormonal imbalances in men. If he sees and hears that you are experiencing troubling symptoms, and your numbers indicate there is an imbalance, he will work to resolve those problems as quickly and safely as possible with hormone replacement therapy.

Call Dr. Berman’s office today at (888) 804-1632, if you are experiencing the symptoms of low testosterone or hormone imbalance. He will make sure that you benefit from his thirty years of experience, as he helps you restore hormone balance, and live a longer, healthier life.

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