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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

Low Testosterone Treatment and Consultation in Palm Beach Gardens FL with Dr. Berman
Low Testosterone Treatment Consultation Palm Beach Gardens FL

What Is Low Testosterone Treatment?

The first credible data on low testosterone treatments was published in 1944. Since that time, there has been a feeding frenzy, with all kinds of Low T treatments and low testosterone therapy approaches flooding the market. Now, it’s looking like many men, if they are willing to follow a strict and careful protocol, won’t have to live with the uncomfortable symptoms triggered by having a hormone system that no longer produces enough testosterone.

How can you know what kind of low testosterone treatment might work for you? How can you tell if you need a Low T treatment at all? The truth is that no one should embark on testosterone replacement regimen without it being supervised by a licensed medical doctor who is also a hormone replacement specialist like Dr. Mikhail Berman. Consulting with a professional physician like Dr. Berman, who is also a trained testosterone specialist, ensures that testosterone replacement therapy, if needed, will be safe and effective, with no troubling side effects.

Dr. Berman has done extensive research in hormone imbalances and Low T over his thirty years in practice. He understands full well the discomfort and dismay at some of the symptoms low testosterone can cause. And while it may not sound conservative at first, testosterone injections are the safest and most reliable treatment option for those symptoms. This method allows your dose to be calibrated with complete precision and calculated based on your unique hormonal system and body type.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone Treatment Exam in Palm Beach Gardens FL at the Office of Dr. Berman
Low Testosterone Treatment Exam Palm Beach Gardens FL

How Does Low Testosterone Treatment Work?

Testosterone levels fall with age, no matter who you are. But, men who have hormone systems that fall way behind on testosterone may experience some very distinct symptoms. These may include fatigue and a sense of feeling run down, tired, or a lack of interest in activities they once enjoyed. Some men may even find it challenging to take a short walk. Another common occurrence is a gradual loss of interest in sex.

Low testosterone treatment is also beneficial for men who have serious medical conditions that deplete the amount of testosterone a body has. Whether due to aging or a serious medical condition, men with severely diminished t levels find that their lives can return to normal with just a small amount of replacement hormone.

Patients undergoing treatment find they feel slightly “different,” with a surprising amount of energy and renewed strength in their muscles. They begin to think about sex once again, and experience improved sexual function. They sleep better. They think better.

And, while low testosterone treatments are not a magic bullet solution to everything, hundreds of men have experienced a return to the vigor, energy, and optimism they had when they were younger, or before they had low t. Patients of Dr. Berman who are receiving testosterone replacement treatment report feeling stronger, more energetic, and more motivated and optimistic about living a healthy, full life.

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What are the Benefits of Low Testosterone Treatment?

We want to explain the benefits of the care that Dr. Berman provides, as a licensed medical doctor that specializes in hormone replacement. We are making this personal to Dr. Berman and his patients.

Testosterone was discovered in 1930. It is one of the most researched substances in medical literature. Over 97000 medical articles about Testosterone can be found on Medline. Existing data suggests that not only is low testosterone is one of the safest medications if used correctly, but it may also help to prevent certain conditions in men as they age.

In one study of 83,000 men, those who received low testosterone treatment in amounts that brought their levels into the normal range had a 24% lower risk of heart attack and were 36% less likely to suffer from a stroke. The study confirmed that these benefits were not present in anyone those whose levels were not brought into the normal range.

Men with high levels of testosterone have also been studied and found to have a reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease. This makes sense since a direct correlation has been made between testosterone levels and cognitive function. Those with higher levels of testosterone also show higher verbal capacity and faster brain processing. Studies have even discovered that low testosterone treatment can show an improvement in spatial memory, which is the ability to remember one’s environment and spatial orientation.

While the research is promising, in the day to day, there are some very simple benefits to testosterone therapy if your levels are below normal. Since testosterone is largely responsible for your body’s ability to build muscle, replacement therapy can help your body build more lean muscle tissue. This, in turn, gives you more energy and strength. It also triggers a higher rate metabolism, which makes it easier to lose weight.

Low Testosterone Therapy Appointment in Palm Beach Gardens with Dr. Mikhail Berman
Low Testosterone Therapy Appointment Palm Beach Gardens FL

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If you are feeling chronic fatigue, weakness or depression, Low T could be at fault. If you are gaining weight or fatty tissue in the breast area, Low T might be the culprit. If you are experiencing insomnia or even improper digestion, low levels of testosterone could be the cause. One thing is for sure if you are experiencing any of the above systems you should consult with a doctor, and preferably a hormone specialist like Dr. Berman.

It is never wise to address Low T on your own with supplements or black market testosterone because the amount is difficult to control. You run the risk of administering too much or too little and not achieving the optimal effect of properly administered testosterone therapy.

Dr. Berman will arrange for you to have a hormone health profile test done. This will establish all of the baseline hormones and functions that your body experiences every day. Unique to you, this profile will allow you and Dr. Berman to assess whether there is a need for low testosterone treatment. If the answer is yes, he can create a hormone replacement therapy that is customized to specifically to meet your body’s needs.

Why not feel better than ever? Dr. Berman can help you get your energy back, regain your interest in sex, and recover muscle mass and strength. As an added bonus, you may even lose weight! Call his office today to arrange for a special new patient consultation at (888) 804-1632.

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