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The Science of Hormones. The Sign and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

Why are Male Hormones So Important To Men?

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Male Hormones – Testosterone and Hormone Therapy

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a crucial hormone, and one that is predominantly linked to masculinity. During adolescence, it is this hormone that is inextricably linked to giving young men their masculine characteristics, such as a deep voice and facial hair. While both men and women have this hormone in their body, it is predominantly associated with men.

With both men and women, the hormonal balance in the body begins to change as one ages. In men, the hormone peaks in the late teens and begins to decrease steadily during the 30s. Each year, levels become lower and lower, leading to a wide array of issues, including insomnia, decreased libido, and reduced muscle and bone mass.

When it comes to levels of T in the body, the primary concern is the amount of “free” T, or hormone that is not linked to proteins. As men age, there is an increase in the amount of SHBG, or sex hormone binding globulin, in the body. “Free” T binds to this protein, reducing the amount of free hormone. This is why it’s so important for your physician to conduct a test of the “free” T in the body as opposed to the overall hormone. In order to pursue the proper testosterone therapy, it’s crucial to know precisely how much of the hormone is freely existing within the body.

Dr. Mikhail Berman is a fully licensed and experienced physician who has provided hormone therapy for men for over 30 years. He is well known throughout Florida as a renowned physician in the field of andropause, a condition that affects men and leads to erectile dysfunction, depression, fatigue, and low libido. While men once felt ashamed to address this issue head on, the stigma surrounding andropause and low hormone levels has thankfully been dramatically reduced. Now, more than ever, men are feeling more confident and embracing the benefits of testosterone therapy.

Dr. Berman examines a patent during a testosterone replacement therapy consult
Male Hormones and Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Dr. Mikhail Berman

Why are Male Hormones So Important To Men?

T is beyond important to everything from organ function to one’s mental state. A healthy male must possess a delicate balance of hormones in order to ensure that the body is functioning as it should.

While it’s normal for male hormone to be reduced in the body over time, that doesn’t change the importance of testosterone for men. Unfortunately, hormone reduction in men has become a more significant issue, with the decline of hormones becoming more rapid as of recent years. This has been attributed to a number of problems, the most important being decreased physical activity and poor diet.

Since lower hormone levels can be due to both aging as well as habits and lifestyle choices, Dr. Berman makes it a point to encourage his patients to adopt healthier habits and incorporate those into testosterone therapy. By utilizing both traditional methods as well as modern injections and other therapies, his hope is to restore health and vigor to those men who are dealing with unwanted symptoms.

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If left untreated, imbalance in male hormones can lead to a number of more serious consequences, including heart attacks and osteoporosis. This is why prompt treatment is so crucial to ensuring both a longer as well as a fuller life for men.

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