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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

What is Low Testosterone Therapy?

As a hormone replacement specialist, Dr. Berman is seeing more and more male patients whose vitality and quality of life are being negatively affected by low levels of Testosterone. This is a common condition that too often goes undiagnosed. It is so common in fact, that new research indicates that one out of every four men over the age of 30 has less than optimal Testosterone levels.

Low Testosterone Program Increases Energy Levels - Testosterone Program Palm Beach Gardens FL
Low Testosterone Program Increases Energy Levels – Testosterone Program Palm Beach Gardens FL

The symptoms of this condition include gaining weight, difficulty sleeping, mood changes, low motivation and always feeling tired.

Dr. Berman’s Low Testosterone treatment has helped hundreds of men like you feel reinvigorated. This simple treatment involves the injection of small amounts of a bioidentical hormone, like those you already have in your system. Patients find that it restores the vibrancy that was diminishing with age.

Dr. Mikhail Berman is a fully licensed medical physician and a fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. This respected institution supports the research, training, and promotion of practices that can treat issues that become more pronounced through aging, such as hormone replacement therapy for men.

This is a safe and effective treatment option for anyone suffering from the effects of Low T. Once again, you can feel optimistic and confident, experience the return of strength and muscle mass, and discover a renewed desire for sex. If you are one of the millions of men with a Low Testosterone, this hormone replacement therapy clinic will help you become your best self again.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

What problems does it treat?

The issue of Low Testosterone is losing its stigma, with men all over the country realizing how common it is. Once suffering from symptoms such as fatigue, depression loss of muscle mass, a low or nonexistent sex drive or erectile dysfunction, many men have had their energy, lives, and relationships renewed, thanks to low hormone treatment therapy from Dr. Berman.

Low Testosterone Therapy Program for Men Palm Beach Gardens FL
Low Testosterone Therapy Program for Men Palm Beach Gardens FL

There are two ways to determine whether a Low Testosterone count is affecting your quality of life. The first is a blood test that analyzes your level of “free” Testosterone, the amount of hormone in your body not bound to a protein. This is the most accurate level to assess. Second, Dr. Berman will do a thorough assessment of any other hormone levels, gland function, along with the symptoms you are experiencing.

“I never even knew men experienced symptoms equivalent to women’s menopause. At the age of 54, I felt tired, overweight, stressed, with no energy to even go out with my wife. The program was recommended to me by a friend. The cost was reasonable and Dr. Berman really took care of me. It’s been 5 months and I feel energized and revived. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

Tony – Miami, FL

It is important to note that not all men with low T levels will experience symptoms, or experience them right away. In some cases, this is a slow process that can take years to impact your life in a pronounced way. Waiting to see a doctor, however, can negatively impact your health. Low Testosterone can lead to osteoporosis, gynecomastia or increase your chances of having a heart attack or stroke later on in life.

A visit to Dr. Berman means that together you can discuss your age, lifestyle, habits and overall health profile, including your Testosterone count, before deciding if any hormone replacement treatment would help.

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How To Get Started

Your first step toward health begins by calling Dr. Berman’s office to arrange for tests with his trusted lab. You will receive a complete hormone profile and assessment of gland function. Next, Dr. Berman will invite you in for a consultation where he will do a complete physical and discuss your lab results.

Testosterone Therapy Program for Men with Low Testosterone Palm Beach Gardens FL
Therapy for Men that Need Testosterone Therapy Program Palm Beach Gardens FL

A low count is considered to be anything less than 400 ng/dL of total Testosterone and less than 10 ng/dL of free Testosterone. Free Testosterone is the hormone not bound to proteins, the most important number to review. This number must be compared alongside other hormone levels, red blood cell count and your symptoms. Dr. Berman will also take into consideration your height, weight, overall health and history of illnesses.

If your diagnosis shows a lower level of Testosterone that is good for you, and you are experiencing fatigue, cognitive decline, a low sex drive, hair or muscle loss, you can discuss treatment options with Dr. Berman. He utilizes Testosterone injections, a hormone replacement therapy that you learn to administer in the privacy of your own home. He believes in Testosterone therapy via injection for the complete control it gives in determining the exact dosage for your levels, and an ability to track the results.

During follow up visits, the doctor will continue to monitor your hormone levels, improved symptoms, and red blood count. In no time at all, you will be reinvigorated, full of energy and ready for the healthy vibrant sex life.

“I’m 64 years old and I’ve been on this program for several months now and I have to say this is a miracle. I used to wake up in the morning and not want to get out of bed. I used to go to work and have unproductive days because I felt tired. Now I feel great every day. I have become more active and I think my wife really likes that. I plan on being on this program for the rest of my life.”

Charles – Jupiter, FL

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Dr. Mikhail Berman is a fully licensed medical doctor and a long time family practitioner. He has studied the human body, its systems and how to heal patients for over 30 years. As a Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Berman has extensive medical knowledge regarding treatments known to slow the effects of aging.

Low Testosterone Therapy Program Examination Palm Beach Gardens FL
Low Testosterone Therapy Program Examination Palm Beach Gardens FL

His approach utilizes natural treatment options, along with up-to-date medical methods to help combat disease and conditions that can impact your quality of life, no matter how old you are.

Dr. Berman works with you to develop a plan that will help you live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and live a long, vibrant life, for the rest of your life. Dr. Berman provides sensible guidance and treatment options to combat illness and drastically improve your quality of life, especially if you are suffering from the effects of Low Testosterone. He’ll help you win the fight against stress, disease and the negative effects of aging, especially when hormone deficiencies are at fault.

Dr. Mikhail Berman believes in closely supervising your treatment, the safest way to benefit from hormone replacement therapy safely. The goal is to reach a place where all of the hormones in your system are perfectly balanced and working together in a healthy feedback loop, with everything is working at optimum efficiency.

See Dr. Mikhail Berman in Palm Beach Gardens for a consultation today by calling (888) 804-1632 for an appointment. It’s time to become your best self.

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