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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

The Services We Provide

We provide these hormone replacement services for our patients:

Dr. Mikhail Berman’s medical practice is a Low Testosterone men’s clinic specializing in carefully controlled and closely monitored hormone replacement therapy for men shows that hormones play an even greater role in our overall health than experts once thought. Hormone therapy is now considered an effective treatment option for those who find the symptoms of Low Testosterone are negatively impacting their life.

Dr. Mikhail Berman - Testosterone Consultation - Palm Beach Gardens FL
Dr. Mikhail Berman – Testosterone Consultation – Palm Beach Gardens FL

Male menopause, sometimes referred to as andropause, can trigger all kinds of symptoms. Those may include weight gain-especially belly fat-muscle loss, hair loss, fatigue, mood swings, osteoporosis, and more. If you suffer from any of these issues, it would be wise to look into Low Testosterone treatment with Testosterone injections. This andropause treatment is becoming widely accepted and millions of men are finding relief. A ton of research now points to the possibility that Low Testosterone therapy can even slow down the aging process.

While there are online supplements, weight loss programs for men, and hormone therapy centers making claims regarding Testosterone replacement therapy. However, it is not advisable to visit a low T clinic not run by a licensed medical practitioner.

Dr. Berman’s Low T center is part of a standard medical practice. This men’s T clinic offers private consultations and a very customized approach to HRT for men. This is all be conducted under the careful supervision of Dr. Berman, an MD with extensive training in hormonal systems and male hormone replacement therapy.

His philosophy is founded on giving you, the patient, the guidance and knowledge you need to make an informed, decision about Testosterone therapy or other hormone therapy, in a discrete and private medical setting. Hundreds of men suffering from Low Testosterone and hormonal imbalances are now re-energized, feeling stronger and are enjoying life more under his care.

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The Problems that We Treat

We treat these hormone-related problems for our patients:

No matter what age you are, a sensible health plan should include a complete hormone assessment as part of your regular checkup. For men in their 50’s or beyond, changes in hormone levels are unavoidable. They are just a natural part of aging. This change in hormones can trigger some very common conditions. It is not unusual to see weight gain in men, especially weight gain in the belly area. Insomnia in men, or fatigue in men, is also common. Also not unusual is an unexplained irritability in men or muscle loss in men.

Testosterone Therapy Services - Palm Beach Gardens FL
Testosterone Therapy Services – Palm Beach Gardens FL

Dr. Berman also sees patients with Low T who are experiencing thinning muscles or a low sex drive in men. Another condition, gynecomastia, where excess fatty tissue collects in the breast area, is almost always the result of low T levels and can be addressed as well.

For any of these conditions, Dr. Berman will want to assess whether a Testosterone deficiency is at fault. If it is, he will discuss with you at length whether hormone replacement is right for you. HRT for men is something to seriously consider if you are showing symptoms of andropause because ignoring the signs can lead to more serious conditions. Heart trouble, diabetes, or osteoporosis are all possible issues that can develop.

Dr. Berman is a licensed medical professional, a doctor with over 30 years as a practicing physician. In that time he has made it his goal to learn all there is to learn about Testosterone and hormone balance, and the role all of this system in your overall health condition. His approach to Low T replacement therapy involves Testosterone injections, which allows him to prescribe the optimal amount needed to help your individual hormones get back in balance.

The Science of Hormones. The Sign and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

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You don’t have to live with the symptoms of male menopause or Testosterone deficiency. Some are embarrassing, others are extreme, but all of them can ruin your quality of life.

Dr. Berman has over 30 years of experience in achieving hormonal balance in his patients. He will work with you to alleviate the conditions you are suffering from in the most natural way possible. He will discuss with you at length your diet, lifestyle, stress management, sexual function, physical activities, sleep patterns, all with no judgment.

Hormone Replacement Medical Exam and History - Palm Beach Gardens FL
Hormone Replacement Medical Exam and History – Palm Beach Gardens FL

Along with complete medical workup, Dr. Berman will compile a hormone and health profile that will help you decide if HRT is right for you. If so, this simple therapy will put you back on track to feeling more vibrant, youthful, and strong and virile.

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