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How Do I know If I Have Low Testosterone Levels?

Low Testosterone and other hormone imbalances can lead to issues that will compromise your quality of life. Heart health, digestion, weight management, vascular health, even your mental health, all depend on a perfectly balanced hormone system.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels - Testosterone Therapy
Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels

No one should have to live with the debilitating symptoms of Low Testosterone. Say goodbye to unnecessary fatigue, muscle weakness, rapid weight gain, depression, and erectile dysfunction. Dr. Mikhail Berman, M.D. is an Anti-Aging specialist and a caring physician who has helped hundreds of men return to a life of physical activity, strength, optimism and the enjoyment of a great sex life.

The Science of Hormones.

Weight Gain Low T Levels - Low T Symptoms - Excessive Weight Gain
Weight Gain Can Indicate Low T Levels

Weight Gain

Weight gain is a common occurrence that takes place as we age, but the depletion of Testosterone or a hormone system out of balance can make this a very serious health condition. Weight gain is often something we blame ourselves for when a consultation with a hormone specialist might actually reveal that hormones are at fault. It is common for men with the signs and symptoms of Low Testosterone, like weight gain, to look for advice from a Testosterone specialist who is a licensed medical doctor, like Dr. Mikhail Berman.

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Insomnia and Low Testosterone Levels - Symptoms of Low Testosterone
Insomnia – Low Testosterone Symptoms


Insomnia can lead to a long list of health concerns, both mental and physical. A low level of Testosterone has been known to disrupt men’s sleep patterns. This exacerbates their fatigue and leads to even less T hormone production. Insomnia takes a serious toll by negatively impacting blood pressure, metabolism, blood sugar levels, and chemical imbalances that can cause mental health issues. While the proper treatment may include behavioral, psychological and medical solutions, this condition should always include a full-scale hormone test and a look at melatonin.

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fatigue low testosterone levels - symptoms of Low T - Fatigue and Tiredness
Fatigue – Common Low Testosterone Indicator


Our bodies are amazing machines, capable of regulating all kinds of functions every minute of every day, including healing, digestion, and reproduction (sex). However, like any machine, it requires times of rest to restore and re-regulate to prepare for the next round of activity.

Short periods of fatigue are normal. Physical exertion, temporary stress or sleep deprivation can lead to fatigue. However, if fatigue lasts for long stretches, or occurs even after you get enough sleep, it’s time to get your hormone levels checked, especially Low T levels. This is because Low Testosterone causes serious fatigue.

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Mood Changes Low Testosterone Levels - Symptoms of Low Testosterone
Mood Changes – Low Testosterone

Mood Changes

We often see emotions as being something we can simply “control.” While this is partly true, there is a complex system at play between our brain (our thoughts) and our emotions, with hormones playing a major role.

Studies have shown that men with Low T are four times more likely to be diagnosed with clinical depression, along with other mood disturbances including irritability. If you are suffering from strong emotional responses that are negatively impacting your life, such as anger or severe depression, it may be time for a consultation with a trusted physician like Dr. Berman.

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Low Sex Drive Testosterone Levels - Low Sex Drive from Low T
Low Testosterone – Decreased Sex Drive

Low Sex Drive

Our bodies are made to perform all sorts of necessary functions, all of them regulated by hormones. When the body is working in harmony with a balanced hormonal system, it desires sexual activity and can perform at peak efficiency and enjoyment. Testosterone is the main driver behind men’s libido and supports the ability of their sex organs to function perfectly, a lower level of Testosterone must be considered as a factor if you suffer from an extremely low sex drive.

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Muscle Loss Low Testosterone Levels - Muscle Loss from Low T
Loss of Muscle Mass – Sign of Low T

Muscle Loss

Some degree of muscle loss is almost guaranteed as you age. Low levels of Testosterone can cause this to happen at a faster rate. If you are showing unusual or excessive signs of weakness than you are used to, it bears looking at your Testosterone levels very carefully. While some health conditions can be hard to reverse, the good news is that the loss of muscle mass and strength isn’t one of them. This condition can be improved with low dose Testosterone therapy.

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Gynecomastia Low T Levels - Gynecomastia Low Testosterone Treatment
Gynecomastia Low T Levels


While not serious, pronounced gynecomastia is the result of an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen in men. One result of having low testosterone and too much estrogen is an increase in tissue buildup in the breast area. This can cause a man’s chest area to resemble a woman’s, with breasts. This is not an immediate health risk but can certainly be a cause of embarrassment and distress, and keep you from participating in activities you might enjoy, such as sex or swimming.

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Osteoporosis Low Testosterone Therapy - Osteoporosis Low T Treatments
Osteoporosis – Reduced Testosterone Level


As men age, Low Testosterone can slow the renewal process in bone tissue, something that a Low Testosterone specialist would have to assess. It’s important to know how your levels might impact your bone strength as you age. Osteoporosis is a disease that results in serious deterioration of bones when the cells are unable to generate new tissue. As a trusted hormone doctor, Dr. Mikhail Berman has advised hundreds of patients regarding their Low T levels and the early symptoms of osteoporosis.

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Read More About The Science of Hormones.

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Dr. Berman believes that the symptoms of Low Testosterone are not conditions you should have to live with indefinitely. For example, while a slightly diminished sex drive is normal as you age, a severe drop in interest, or inability to keep an erection is not. Why ignore this or other conditions that are ruining your quality of life? No matter your age, it is possible to restore your libido, lose weight, become more positive and optimistic, regain muscle tone and strength, and become fit as a fiddle simply by restoring your body’s natural hormonal balance.

Patient Consultation with Dr. Mikhail Berman - Symptoms of Low Testosterone
Patient Consultation with Dr. Mikhail Berman – Symptoms of Low T Levels

Under the supervision of Dr. Mikhail Berman, a licensed medical doctor, hundreds of men have been able to reverse the effects of aging with Testosterone replacement therapy. You can join them! Call today, (888) 804-1632, and arrange for a full hormone test and assessment. Take that first step toward excellent health and restoring your hormonal balance.
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