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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

Dr. Berman in his office talking to a patient about testosterone replacement therapy
Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Dr. Mikhail Berman

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Dr. Berman is a hormone replacement therapy expert who runs a testosterone replacement clinic that supports thousands of patients as they stay physically strong and active, beginning in their mid 40’s and beyond. His Low T clinic offers a safe and effective Low T regimen that is easy to follow and quick to boost your physical strength.

Psychologists have identified several key aspects of masculinity that men are keen to hang on to as they age. Most prominent are physical strength, self-reliance, risk-taking, and emotional control. It’s interesting that of these traits, testosterone levels can be directly tied to three out of four.

Physical ability and mobility are concerns for both men and women as they grow older, however, research shows that men equate physical strength with being in control, and maintaining physical strength and fitness is very, very important them as they age.

But, genetics can work against you. Scientists have discovered genetic markers that indicate you might be at risk for a lower level of testosterone, earlier on in life. For these men, getting older does not have to mean an automatic decline into poor health, or being confined to a lifestyle you haven’t chosen. In many cases, testosterone replacement therapy is the simple boost that allows them to stay fit and physically strong as they age.

If you find the right medical doctor, one who is a trusted physician and a testosterone replacement treatment specialist, you can defy genetics and stay strong for decades. Dr. Mikhail Berman is a Low T doctor, who has spent his medical career also researching and studying male hormones and how they affect your health.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Dr. Berman examines a patent during a testosterone replacement therapy consult
Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Medical Examination with Dr. Berman

How Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Work?

There are millions of men in the U.S. suffering from the effects of low testosterone but, only 1 in 4 are likely to find out what the cause of their condition is. The number one symptom to emerge is fatigue, a vague sense of physical weakness and lacking energy. Testosterone is the primary hormone that controls and stimulates the organs and functions that relate directly to physical strength and energy.

In the core of a brain, there is the hypothalamus. This is the center of regulation of all hormone system. It serves as a bridge between the nervous and endocrine system. It is here where metabolism is controlled. This is why hormone imbalance has such a direct relationship to a lack of energy. One of those functions it regulates is metabolism. This is why low levels of testosterone have such a direct relationship to a lack of energy.

Testosterone replacement, when done correctly, takes a bio-identical hormone that the human body identifies as familiar and introduces just enough of it to push the body into the normal range. This is a delicate balance, best put into the hands of a hormone specialist like Dr. Berman. Too much, and the body can go into overdrive, causing fits of rage or insomnia. Too little, and there is no noticeable difference, an expensive and unnecessary mistake.

Dr. Berman’s Low T clinic has developed the safest and most effective fast-acting approach to getting back your physical strength, energy, and stamina. Side benefits of this treatment also include improved cognitive function, renewed optimism and a lighter more confident mood overall, and a solution for a low libido or erectile dysfunction.

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What are the Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Mikhail Berman?

Dr. Berman is a noted member of several national institutions that support hormone replacement therapy as a scientifically proven method to alleviate the effects of low t. He has witnessed first hand the way testosterone replacement when diagnosed and administered correctly works. He has witnessed patients going from go lethargic to lively. From feeling fatigued all the time to feeling reinvigorated and ready to tackle all of the physical activities they enjoy. These men, who were about to give up on sports and fitness, physical labor, even great sex, were able to regain the energy and stamina needed to enjoy those activities once again.

Dr. Berman has spent decades refining the treatment method he offers at his Low T clinic. His decision to use the injection technique stems from years of study on the importance of controlling each dose and how it is delivered to the body’s systems. Creams and gels are impossible to control, and patches limit our ability to know exactly how much hormone is reaching the system.

Any treatment, no matter what method is used, should be supervised by a licensed doctor. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that it will be safe over the long term, or effective. Dr. Berman believes in starting small and slow, working gradually to replace only the exact amount needed to put your hormone system back in balance. Over the course of three months, the body will begin to react by putting many of your bodily functions back to normal. In some cases, these functions operate better they ever have.

Dr, Mikhail Berman discusses
Dr. Mikhail Berman – Testosterone Replacement Therapy Appointment

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At Dr. Berman’s Low T center, your injection prescription will be based upon your customized hormone health profile, a composite picture of your hormone report from the lab and physical health record. He will calculate your dose, the smallest and most exact amount needed to put your hormones back in the normal range. Over the course of three months, you will see a remarkable change, without any serious side effects.

There are four key areas where testosterone levels play such a critical role in regulating. And, it just so happens that these are the areas men fear losing the most control over as they age.

Hormones are heavy influencers when it comes to sexual desire and sexual function. One of the most immediate benefits men experience is a return of sexual desire and an ability to get and keep an erection during sex. Physically, men with low testosterone begin experiencing an increase in body fat, especially in the belly area, and a decrease in their muscle bulk and strength. And, having rated maintaining control as a number one priority, men find that there is a gradual but consistent return of muscle mass and strength. All of these conditions, when not operating with efficiency, can cause a loss of control over emotional reactions. There has been a direct correlation made between testosterone replacement and increases in feeling calm, motivated, confident and cognitively agile.

Call Dr. Berman today at (888) 804-1632, and arrange to have your hormone health profile completed by his experienced lab. Then, you can consult with him in his professional and private medical office and decide if hormone therapy is right for you.

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