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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

Testosterone Therapy Consultation with Dr. Mikhail Berman in Palm Beach Gardens FL
Testosterone Therapy Consultation Palm Beach Gardens FL

What Is Testosterone Therapy?

The idea of producing and possibly using synthesized hormones dates all the way back to 1939, with work that won a Nobel prize in chemistry. Since that time, scientists have been pursuing additional data and gaining new answers about how helpful low testosterone therapy can be.

Any man considering testosterone replacement therapy is likely conducted online research first. This is fine. However, there is a lot of conflicting opinions and research out there. “Testosterone therapy is bad for you,” says the uneducated blogger. “Testosterone treatment is the new miracle fountain of youth,” says the manufacturer of an expensive gel. How do you sift through all of this to know what’s true?

The only way to make an informed decision about this therapy is to visit a licensed medical doctor, who is also a testosterone specialist, like Dr. Mikhail Berman. He is a physician experienced in male hormone replacement that has invested years researching and treating patients.

He can be trusted to properly diagnose low T, and prescribe the right low testosterone treatment if it’s warranted. Men with low testosterone or hypogonadism may experience a wide range of discomforting symptoms. Extreme fatigue, increased body fat, especially in the belly area, a reduced sex drive, difficulty concentrating, these are just a few of the issues men live with who have low T.

Hormone replacement therapy introduces bioidentical hormone into the system, so your body goes quickly back to normal. Dr. Berman has found the highest degree of practical success with testosterone injections.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Testosterone Therapy Medical Exam in Palm Beach Gardens FL at the Office of Dr. Mikhail Berman
Testosterone Therapy Medical Exam Palm Beach Gardens FL

How Does Testosterone Therapy Work?

Testosterone is an androgen, a type of male hormone. It is essential to increasing men’s bone density, muscle size and strength, body fat distribution and storage, and the growth (or loss) of face and body hair, among other things. The introduction of a laboratory produced a bio-identical version of the hormone has been shown, in numerous studies, to reduce the effects of low testosterone, and the uncomfortable symptoms of hypogonadism.

The normal range of testosterone needed in the male body continues to be under debate. Researchers have differing opinions and hormone testing labs use different standards. However, most respected practitioners agree that the reference range for testosterone from 245 to 850 is too wide. This is why Doctor Berman is basing his therapy not on total testosterone numbers but on free testosterone levels which he states need to be in an optimal and not a reference range.

The problem is, low testosterone can be present well before there are symptoms. And, symptoms can exist before hormone levels drop below low reference of 245. This is why a visit to an experienced specialist is important. Dr. Berman works within the Endocrine Society’s recommended standard range. However, he may caution a patient who has a tremendously low level not to wait until they experience strong symptoms. Or, he might see symptoms in a patient who tests at the low end of normal that deserves treatment.

He has seen all too often, men who are rundown, grossly overweight, and miserable, when it could have been avoided and will make an informed call based on his years of experience.

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What are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy with Dr. Berman?

Our hormonal system is complex. It takes a lot of experience and study to understand how hormones interact with each other, how they feed messages to the glands and organs, and how the body uses them to regulate itself. From body heat to the distribution of fat cells, hormones are instrumental in keeping things running smoothly. Reduce the levels of any critical hormones and these systems stop functioning at peak efficiency.

For practical reasons, Dr. Berman prefers testosterone replacement in the form of injections. This means the solution goes directly into the muscle, and in a very precise increment designed to put your unique system back in balance. Dr. Berman calibrates these treatments for the optimum result.

The benefits his patient’s experience include a renewed interest in sex and an increased ability to have satisfying sex. They are also able to once again build muscle mass and go back to feeling physically strong. They become more active, and many have lost weight, especially around their belly area. Those experiencing the discomfort of gynecomastia see a reduction in excess tissue in the breast area. All of these improvements lead to a more positive outlook on life.

There is an important distinction to be made between a mood change related to aging, or a prolonged period of serious depression that is a result of extremely low testosterone. Testosterone replacement has been shown to be an effective stimulation in the area of the brain that helps you be mentally sharp and feel more confident.

Prescription testosterone is not an automatic treatment to undergo lightly or without the supervision of a doctor. If not prescribed carefully it can expose you to health risks. However, under the correct medical supervision, men with serious hypogonadism have made incredible recoveries using minimal amounts of hormone replacement.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Medical Exam
Hormone Replacement Therapy Medical Exam

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If your quality of life is being ruined by conditions that are the result of low testosterone, Dr. Berman is the kind of caring doctor that you can trust. He will run specific tests and consult with you about your symptoms, your lifestyle, and other important health history and concerns. Once your hormone lab results come in, you can discuss together what a treatment schedule would look like.

Dr. Berman’s patients that undergo hormone replacement report all kinds of improvements to their quality of life. Their desire for sex returns and so their sexual function, if it has been flagging, gets better. They are experiencing a renewed energy and strength in their muscles and bones. They are finding the overwhelming sense of fatigue has disappeared and once again, they can enjoy physical activities.

For many men, the culmination of all of these improvements can lead to weight loss, better, more sound sleep at night, and a lifting of the mental fog and fatigue.

Dr. Berman is a licensed MD specializing in hormone replacement, whose methods are safe and effective. With his thirty years of experience treating patients, Dr. Berman knows that only the optimal doses are necessary to enact change and give you a new lease on life.

Call for a no obligation consultation at (888) 804-1632. Find out how hundreds of men have regained their strength, energy, and zest for life, with a simple and quick low testosterone treatment option.

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