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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

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Hormone Therapy – Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What is Testosterone?

As we all know, in adolescence, testosterone is what gives growing young men their male characteristics. Of course, both women and men have some level of testosterone in their bodies, but in terms of sexual maturity, it is the predominant hormone in men.

Much like menopause in women, a man’s hormonal makeup changes as he ages. When it comes to testosterone, the drop begins sometime in your thirties and proceeds to diminish every year. The complexity of our endocrine systems cannot be overstated. Without going too much into the science of testosterone, which can sound like a foreign language, it is important to understand a little about this important hormone. It is also important to note here that, even if you’ve been told in the past that your hormone levels are normal, that does not mean they are optimized.

For example, it is common to see an increase in sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) production during the aging process, a compound that testosterone binds itself to in the body. An increased presence of SHBG means more testosterone binding to that SHBG, which depletes the amount of “free” testosterone. If you have been measured for overall testosterone, you might not see a significant change in your T number. However, you would see a significant depletion in the amount of testosterone that is free to impact your energy, sexual function, weight gain, tissue growth, etc.

This is why it is important to engage the help of an experienced medical doctor, trained to see critical changes in your hormonal balance.

A Low T count may indicate an androgen deficiency. This is known as andropause, a form of male menopause. This condition has been known to cause a low sex drive, erectile dysfunction or signs of early osteoporosis, depression, sleeplessness, fatigue, and other conditions.

Today, hundreds of men have said “No” to feeling ashamed, and “Yes” to fighting back. Working with Dr. Mikhail Berman, a hormone replacement specialist, they have recovered their youthful vigor and are facing the future with optimism and more important, optimal health.

Men may feel pressure to “live with,” these issues, even if it minimizes their quality of life. They might not seek medical help. However, it can be risky not to. As we age, our bodily systems can lose up to 60% of their normal functions before symptoms present themselves. That’s HUGE. And, it proves how important it is to treat a condition like low testosterone with hormone therapy before symptoms get the best of us.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

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Testosterone Replacement Injection Palm Beach Gardens FL

Why is Testosterone Important for the Male Body?

Testosterone is one of the most essential compounds in the male body, influencing all kinds of organ functions, your mental state, the amount of fatty tissue you have, and of course, your sex drive and function of your sexual organs. The natural, healthy male has an excellent balance of all hormones and a highly effective endocrine system.

While some decline of this hormone is natural as you age, we live in a time when the decline is happening more rapidly. This is due to many factors, including poor nutrition thanks to pre-packaged or “fast” foods, stress, pollution, and environmental toxins, and a lack of physical activity. Because these factors work at further decreasing testosterone levels, Dr. Berman is seeing more and more patients exhibiting the signs of low testosterone, especially in younger patients.

Many men are fighting a long list of issues being triggered by low testosterone, but they are unaware of the cause. Some of these issues are more serious than others, but all of them have a negative impact on your quality of life. Early symptoms include weight gain, loss of lean muscle mass, erectile dysfunction and excessive tiredness, hair loss, and more.

Over time, if untreated, these low testosterone symptoms can lead to more serious health concerns. You may eventually see an increase in the likelihood of a heart attack, more brittle bones and osteoporosis, moods that deteriorate into severe depression, cognitive decline and a loss of meaningful relationships, especially with those closest to you. Treating a hormonal imbalance before it gets serious is the best way to fight back.

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What are the Benefits of Testosterone Therapy?

When the feedback loop in your endocrine system gets out of whack, the overall system reacts by adjusting the number of hormones it creates and distributes. This can happen rapidly and impacts hundreds of processes in the body, such as digestion, immune function, protein synthesis (which affects muscle growth and strength), insulin processing…the list goes on.

The balance of hormones in your body, and how they work together to regulate all of the major and most important functions, must be finely tuned and closely supervised if your body is to work at peak efficiency.

Testosterone therapy is emerging as a key component in the battle to remain vibrant, fit and healthy, especially as you age. The depletion of this hormone and all of the symptoms that have been described, work together in a feedback loop. This can mean you get caught up in a vicious downward spiral. You feel overly tired, you fail to exercise, so your body doesn’t produce more testosterone. You are depressed and have no interest in sex, yet a healthy sex life would inform the feedback loop to produce more testosterone and help restore your hormonal balance.

In general, the more you experience the symptoms of low testosterone, the more it impacts your body’s ability to create and distribute it. The more symptoms you experience, the less likely it is that you will be able to make the healthy choices that lead to an active, healthy life.

Dr. Berman has helped to facilitate amazing recoveries for hundreds of men with just the right amount of testosterone replacement therapy.

This is such an important issue, one that impacts both bodily functions and quality of life, Dr. Berman insists on carefully calibrated testosterone injections, only. No gels, no pills, no patches. He is committed to designing a customized plan and dosages designed specifically for you. He will prescribe the least amount needed for your hormone health profile.

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Testosterone Replacement Specialist – Mikhail Berman M.D.

Schedule a Testosterone Therapy Consultation

Dr. Berman treats patients based on comprehensive lab reports with the most relevant statistics on your individual hormonal makeup. It is foolish to treat a patient based only on a basic testosterone number when there is a complex interaction between so many different hormones, glands, and compounds. He is not only a fully licensed medical doctor, but he is also a hormone specialist that can read the numbers in this very complex system and know precisely how to tweak your balance to achieve optimal health.

When certain hormones are depleted, and you show significant signs of hormone deficiency, he will discuss with you at length an individualized plan outlining the potential for hormone replacement treatment.

This is an effective, safe means of restoring your energy levels, losing weight, improving your outlook and your mood, and regaining your muscle strength. And, best of all, this treatment allows you to return to a healthier you, by increasing your sex drive and erections that lead to a great sex life. This, of course, leads to the release of chemicals in the body that restores that sense of youthful vibrancy and overall health.

This is truly the best medicine, restoring your body’s natural hormonal balance with testosterone replacement therapy. Call Dr. Berman at (888) 804-1632 to schedule a consultation today, and get your life and health back on track.

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