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The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone.

patient consulting with Dr. Berman about weight gain related to low testosterone
Weight Loss Programs for Men – New Patient Consultation

What Are Weight Loss Programs for Men?

Weight loss is challenging enough, but for men whose testosterone levels are below normal, it’s even more difficult. The added benefit of a hormone replacement therapy regimen is that it can promote weight loss programs for men and make it easier for you to take off those extra pounds.

Dr. Mikhail Berman is a licensed medical doctor and the founder of this specialized clinic for men that offers hormone replacement therapy for men who need to lose weight.

Hormones play a large part in regulating our metabolism, the rate at which our body converts calories into energy. Men suffering from Low T are often overweight because they have less testosterone to fuel their metabolism.

When we take in too many calories and fail to exert enough energy, our body stores any extra calories as fat. Many weight loss programs for men do not include a low testosterone screening as part of their weight loss program, which is a mistake. If t levels are low, a hormone replacement regimen can easily jump start a weight loss effort.

While not strictly a weight loss program for men, Dr. Berman’s hormone replacement has benefitted patients whose hormone imbalances were causing weight gain. Many supervised medical programs for weight loss recommend vigorous aerobic exercise and a low-fat diet. However, for weight gain caused by low t, this is the worst thing you can do. In fact, a low-fat diet can cause your body to slow down its metabolism even more, which further depletes testosterone.

The Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone

patient getting medial exam for issues related to weight gain and testosterone levels
Weight Loss Programs for Men – Medical Exam

How Do Weight Loss Programs for Men Work?

Dr. Berman has devised a Low T replacement therapy program for men suffering from the effects of having too little testosterone. One of the primary symptoms of Low T is weight gain, especially in the belly area.

While not devised specifically for weight loss, this clinic offers private, compassionate care for men who are feeling the side effects of depleted levels of testosterone. What they find, after following the program for a few weeks, is that it is much easier for them to lose weight.

The male sex hormone, testosterone, plays a very important part in helping your body regulate metabolism. Testosterone is what engages your system in the process of burning calories to create energy. The T hormone also signals cells in your muscle tissue to synthesize protein and build new muscle tissue. This is what influences the amount of lean muscle mass your body is able to build up. Both of these processes can impact weight gain or loss.

Being obese kills your body’s ability to produce enough hormones, especially testosterone. However, a low-fat diet can also halt production of this important hormone. Diets that are too restrictive on fat will cause your thyroid to decrease hormone production. Now, your body senses there is less testosterone and the system slows down even more.

The best way to avoid this downward spiral is to put your hormone profile back in balance with testosterone replacement therapy. Of course, you must still keep your caloric intake reasonable. However, a starvation diet that leaves you miserable is not the answer.

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What are the Benefits of Weight Loss Programs for Men with Dr. Berman?

We all need some degree of fat in our systems to function. The brain needs it for cognitive processing and to produce hormones. Your muscles need it to regenerate muscle tissue. Your regulatory system needs it to keep your metabolism operating at peak efficiency.

“Good,” fats tell the body that there are enough calories to convert into energy and that there is no need to shut down and prepare for starvation by storing fat. By cutting out fats, the body thinks it should stop burning calories. Not good for weight loss or testosterone production. That’s why a traditional diet won’t help but a low testosterone replacement will.

Also, too much vigorous aerobic exercise is counterproductive because it tends to trigger cravings for carbohydrates, the worst food to eat when you have low testosterone. Low t causes an increase in insulin resistance and carbs will push it even higher.

Testosterone replacement also stimulates your body’s ability to synthesize protein into strong muscle tissue. You will find you renewed strength in your muscles, but also an increase in muscle mass. This raises your overall metabolic rate and promotes even more weight loss.

Overall, testosterone replacement can stimulate the part of the brain that regulates moods. You will find yourself feeling more confident and optimistic. All of these benefits combined have allowed patients of Dr. Berman to be motivated and able to lose the extra weight brought on by low testosterone levels.

Weight Loss Programs for Men - New Patient Consultation
Weight Loss Programs for Men Palm Beach Gardens FL

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There are so many factors that can play a role in excess weight gain, especially as you age, but the most influential of these is testosterone. When levels fall below normal there are many systems and functions that stop working at peak efficiency. This includes your regulatory systems (metabolism), your brain function and emotional balance, the proper function of your sex organs, even your circadian rhythms that help you get a good night’s sleep.

If you have been experiencing fatigue, mood swings, a loss of interest in sex, erectile dysfunction or excessive, unusual weight gain, then having your hormone levels checked would be advised.

However, this should be conducted by a licensed medical doctor and endocrine specialist like Dr. Berman. His caring and compassionate Low T clinic promises individualized care in the most private setting. His replacement therapy approach is the result of many years of experience and study. Hundreds of men each year have benefitted from his ability to assess a comprehensive hormone profile and prescribe the precise dose of hormone therapy that will get you back on track and living a life full of physical activity, and fun activities and fulfilling relationships.

Call Dr. Bermant today at (888) 804-1632, for a new patient consultation. You can age not only gracefully but full of energy, health and well being with HRT.

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